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BIC Business programmes helping you shine academically professionally

The world today requires brilliant individuals in both the private and public sector. As the engine of both national and international growth, the private sector offers both individuals and nations incredible opportunities for growth, contributing to the economy and uplifting lives. Arguably the greatest driver of success in the private sector (and the public too) is education; more specifically, business administration. In this blog post, we'll take you through the many offerings that Beaconhouse International College has in the Business discipline for students looking to positively impact the sector of their choosing.

From business executives controlling multinational conglomerates to high-powered public officials setting long-standing policy obligations for superpowers, a business administration degree can help you go the extra mile and make a difference in the world with your input. With a world class education and degree from the best international college in Pakistan, Beaconhouse International College, you can be sure of making a considerable impact in the world, whether you choose the private or the public sector. Let's start by looking at the programmes the best college in Pakistan offers with foreign accreditation.

Business qualification from BIC: Our many programmes

One of the great things about Beaconhouse International College is the many options that students aspiring for a higher qualification and degree in business and business administration get. From Pearson-approved Higher National Diploma in Business to a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration accredited by the Royal Holloway University of London, the possibilities are endless with Beaconhouse International College. Let's look at each programme in detail to help you pick the degree of your choosing.

i. International Foundation Year-Business

The International Foundation Year (IFY), in accordance with the guidelines set by Pearson, our approved learning partner, aims to instill important skills and academic ideals required for students aiming for a higher degree in business or business administration. The IFY programme headlines the offerings from Beaconhouse International College with three courses that form the basis of the qualifications and prepare students for advanced degrees in the same discipline. The courses are: Mathematics for Business, Business Studies and Economics. As is obvious from the selection, the courses are designed to give students a basic map of how the business realm works, from the inclusion of math and economics as the basic cornerstones for a business to succeed to the general dynamics surrounding it, an IFY in Business is a surefire way for students to excel at their subsequent degrees in Business.

ii. BTEC International Diploma-Business

For students requiring a career-based qualification that helps them with either a higher degree or qualification in a business-related field or for a stint at a corporate level, the BTEC International Diploma in Business is the perfect course. In accordance with the guidelines set down by Pearson, our approved learning partner, the BTEC International Diploma will arm students with vital knowledge and insights about the many facets of business. The coursework is designed to be multithemed, allowing students to maneuver their learning into both further academic qualification and professional experience. Courses like Exploring Business, Business Finance, Principles of Management and Business Decision Making are imperative for students to understand and master each and every aspect of both business administration and business decision-making.

iii. Higher National Diploma- Business (Management)

The Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business builds on Pearson's excellent business acumen to further explain the intricacies of business to students. However, the HND focusses on two aspects and approaches to business studies: on the upper level, the diploma specializes in the management aspect of business and imparts skills relevant to the course. On the academic side of affairs, the unit-based structure aims to develop 'practical, interpersonal and thinking skills' that are extremely crucial for a business manager, whether it's a startup or a conglomerate. The coursework shines in typical Pearson and BIC excellence, with courses like Leadership and Management, Global Business Environment, Business Law and Business Strategy and many more offering students a practical glimpse in the exciting, high-stakes world of business.

iv. BSc (Hons) Business Administration

As one of the more conventional offerings by Beaconhouse International College, the BSc (Hons) in Business Administration still follows the Beaconhouse ideology of excellence in academics, which is why, this particular course has been accredited with the prestigious Royal Holloway, University of London (UoL). This particular programme aims to develop expertise in high-demand skills and academic ideals applicable in any business sector. As for practical skills, the BSc programme equips students with highly sought-after skills that make this particular qualification the absolute best business degree in Pakistan.

Beaconhouse International College: Your launchpad for an incredible career!

Whether its further higher education at a world-class varsity or a high-impact career in private or public sector, the base that Beaconhouse International College provides in terms of education is simply unrivalled. Experience our selection of foreign-accredited and affiliated programmes that put you on the track for greatness, whether its professional or academic. Check out our many programmes and qualifications to choose one that helps you make a difference in this world.