2024-03-20 05:36:53

BS CS with BIC, Earn a UK degree with excellent prospects

The era of digital computing is in full swing right now, which means that from a career-oriented perspective, never before has a time this lucrative for computer sciences has emerged. Whether your career aspirations are towards securing high-impact employment with some of the most renowned tech firms in the world, or if your entrepreneurial ambitions lead you towards starting and blossoming your own digital startup, a solid educational foundation is imperative and will help you learn the basics of computing. If that is your future goal, well, you're in luck: Beaconhouse International Colleges has partnered with the prestigious Goldsmiths University of London for their highly acclaimed BSc in Computer Science programme.

This means that for you, it is now possible to earn a world-class degree in CS from Pakistan, complete with an emphasis on quality research that propels you into the future, arming you with the requisites to carve your own path in the highly competitive and cutthroat field of computer sciences and information technology. With Goldsmith's all-encompassing academic reach, disciplines like computational art, virtual reality, computer music, digital sociology and education technology become part of the training and research.

Let us take you through the degree structure, and what you can expect from your studies at Beaconhouse International College when you enrol for a BSc programme in CS from Goldsmiths University of London.

Programme overview: BSc CS at Goldsmiths University

When you study for a degree at BIC, you are not just leveraging an established pedigree of academic excellence of the Beaconhouse marquee, but you will also be amalgamating it with the research fidelity and coursework emphasis of Goldsmiths' Department of Computing. This collaboration will take you through the basics of computing, setting you for the stage of computing in the 21st century, with fast-paced innovation, and a comprehensive understanding of how this realm works.

With a three-year degree, the core tenets of the programme as offered by Beaconhouse International College are as follows.

  • Introduction to Programming (I, II)
  • These basic programmes will introduce students to the world of programming, along with its many facets and approaches. Since programming includes all sorts of languages (from HTML to Java to C#), new approaches (React Native for app development), and the basic syntax understanding of how programming works, with these courses under your belt, you will have an advanced understanding on how to code, which will then be evolved over the course of the programme with a multitude of projects and research applications into crafting advanced resources using your programming skills.

  • Numerical Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics
  • At the heart of coding, programming, information technology and Computing Sciences, math provides the basic building blocks with which the whole realm runs. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that students be given advanced courses on mathematics and its two derivatives which influence and shape up computing: numerical math and discrete math. Students will be exhaustively trained in both of these disciplines as these will help with their foundational understanding of information technology. A strong base makes for an equally impressive skillset, and students at BIC will be able to leverage their math skills in avenues like coding, programming and information technology.

  • Algorithms and Data Structure
  • Once the students have familiarised themselves with the basics of computing and the integral role that mathematics play in it, they will then progress on to advanced forms of computing basics: algorithms and data structures. Both of these course aspects will help students master the foundational elements of the digital realm; since it is based on repeating algorithms and data structures that play an important role in the computing of today. Data sciences are the all the rage nowadays, with many Fortune 500 companies and tech giants putting an increased emphasis on data structures and efficient data handling, which will all be part of the academics at BIC.

  • Web development
  • As an added incentive in helping the students gain more hands-on and technical experience, BIC in collaboration with Goldsmiths University's Department of Computing also hosts additional coursework and training on web development, one of the most focal aspects of programming, and everything from relevant languages to techniques and approaches are thoroughly and exhaustively imparted upon students to accelerate their learning, their experience and to help them considerably in their ascent to the top of the coding, programming world.

    Transfer to on-campus (UK) option for BIC students

    With BIC, you also get the option of international exposure and for studying in a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary environment, when you choose to transfer to on-campus degree studies at the Goldsmiths University of London. Goldsmiths encourages students to apply for on-campus studies and BIC students are foremost the part of this accelerated programme.

    Why choose BIC as your next academic launchpad?

    Pakistan, despite its pool of highly talented and studious individuals, unfortunately lacks the education standard that befits a fast-growing and progressing nation. However, not all educational institutes are made the same, and Beaconhouse International College is the proof of that. With international accreditations and degree programmes across a wide range of academic disciplines, BIC is your destination for the premium higher education experience, as we offer a multitude of degrees and accreditations from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. With Beaconhouse International College, a world of opportunity awaits you.