2024-03-29 05:38:55

Beaconhouse International College affiliated degrees 2024: Overview of Programmes

Beaconhouse International College aims to revolutionise the education skyline of Pakistan by introducing degree programmes in various disciplines, affiliated and in line with the academic requisites put forth by some of the most prestigious varsities in the world. In this blog, we will take you through the internationally affiliated degrees and programmes that Beaconhouse International College offers, and how you can utilize the programme of your choice to jumpstart your education and your career with the best international college in Pakistan.

In this blog, we will look at the overarching disciplines that Beaconhouse International College provides an internationally affiliated degree in, and what prospects you as a student can expect once you enroll in the preeminent degree course designed to further hone your academic prowess. Let's get started.

Engineering Programmes

Beaconhouse International College offers a wide range of programmes centered around the discipline of engineering, all aimed at providing students with the requisite knowledge to further help in their subsequent studies. Foremost is the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) with Honours in Mechanical Engineering, affiliated with the prestigious Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Beaconhouse International College offers yet another foundational programme aimed at students wishing to pursue engineering as their major: the International Foundation Year in Engineering in accordance with the guidelines as per the NCUK consortium. Lastly, Beaconhouse International College also has the BTEC International Diploma in Engineering that has been set up in accordance with the Pearson BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma requirements. All in all, Beaconhouse International College has considerably better offerings for engineering aspirants as compared to other international degree programmes in Pakistan.

Software Engineering/CS Programmes

When it comes to one of the most popular computer science degree programme affiliated from a foreign university, Beaconhouse International College offers the BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering, with coursework and degree from LJMU. Beaconhouse International College also offers a standard BSc in Computer Science which is a much more holistic programme aimed at students looking for a CS degree from a foreign university. In the case of the BSc, the degree will be awarded by the excellent Goldsmiths University of London, allowing students to leverage this achievement for an accelerated pace of learning in their subsequent programme.

Law Programmes

Rivalling the offerings of some of the best law colleges in Pakistan, Beaconhouse International College has set up the immensely popular LLB (Hons) with the gold standard of universities across the world: University of London. An LLB from University of London will open a host of new avenues for students looking to delve into the fantastic world of the legal fraternity and will allow them to forge a successful career ahead. Beaconhouse International College also offers an LLB (Hons) from the prestigious LJMU, allowing students their choice of securing a world class education from highly reputed varsities in the UK.

Social Sciences

One of the most popular undergraduate degrees in Pakistan nowadays entails the academic discipline of International Relations and Politics, offered by universities and colleges across the country. However, Beaconhouse International College sets itself apart with both a BA (Hons) and an MA (Hons) in IR and politics from LJMU. Whether it's a career in government or in a foreign policy thinktank, students will be set for their professional career with a foreign degree in IR and politics.

Business Programmes

Starting with the IFY in Business with coursework certified by the NCUK, to the Pearson-accredited BTEC International Diploma in Business, Beaconhouse International College has a lot to offer students when it comes to business-oriented studies. These are followed by the Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business, as per Pearson PTE requirements, and the more conventional BSc Business Administration from the acclaimed Royal Holloway University of London. Business offerings are a particular step up when you go with Beaconhouse International College!

Psychology Programme

Psychology programmes in Pakistan usually fall short in properly equipping students with the requisite knowledge in the subject matter, but that is something that Beaconhouse International College has rectified with BSc (Hons) in Psychology. With the programme sanctioned by the prestigious and highly selective King's College London as envisioned by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN), students will be able to grasp the basics and set themselves up for a higher standard of academic excellence in their later levels.

Arts and Design

Centered around Pakistan's burgeoning export, textile and fashion, a Pearson-accredited Higher National Diploma in Art and Design has been formulated for students to hone their creative and artistic flair for a successful career in the aforementioned sector. This level of education ensures that during their university-level education, their mastery of the basics will propel them to a higher standard than their peers.

Set yourself for success with BIC: the best international college in Pakistan! Study in Pakistan, earn a foreign degree that is globally recognized and unlocks a world of opportunities for you! With these degree programmes from Beaconhouse International College, set yourself up for future academic and professional success and become the trailblazer of whatever industry you want for yourself. From the annals of relations between states throughout history to the cutting edge in modern computer sciences, Beaconhouse International College has it all. Check us out at Beaconhouse International College for more information on our leading international degree programmes in Pakistan.