2024-03-20 05:37:11

LLB (Hons) at BIC, the most promising law qualification in Pakistan

The life of a lawyer is nothing short of exciting. Sure, legal dramas like Boston Legal and Suits might sometimes accurately portray how a big-shot lawyer goes about their day, but it's still nothing compared to what an LLB Hons from a prestigious institution will get you in terms of excitement, career-satisfaction, and most importantly, an avenue where you can use your sharp and analytical skills to ensure that the law remains as much a weapon for the wrongdoers as it remains a saviour for those who are challenged. One such institution of higher learning in the legal fraternity that commands respect and admiration from peers is the exclusive Liverpool John Moores University in the UK, and we'll walk you through how you can earn an LJMU-accredited degree in Pakistan with Beaconhouse International College.

Let us understand first what entails in the LLB Hons degree programme, and what you can expect to achieve with it.

LLB Hons: what it entails

With Beaconhouse International Colleges, you can earn an LLB Hons from the prestigious LJMU, which aims to provide students and aspirants with an opportunity to see the law in action as soon as the programme starts. To this end, LJMU engages its Legal Advice Center that helps students get an idea of how the legal fraternity works. However, that's not all: an LLB Hons degree from LJMU, offered by Beaconhouse International College, will also put your interpersonal skills through the motions; everything including teamwork, communication, time management and your literary and oratory skills will be polished and honed to fit the requirements of an LJMU-educated legal professional.

What's more, the programme will also allow students to access the campus' active student law society, which also provides a forum for students to further accentuate their personal skills, and get a real-life experience in dealing en masse the challenges they will face as their career progresses.

Coursework at the LJMU-sanctioned programme is extensive and is designed to equip students with all they will need to understand the basic tenets of the law, and more complex nuances that are applied both domestically and internationally.

LLB Hons: the coursework

Within the three years of the coursework, students will be expected to gain a great deal of understanding in the following dimensions of both international and national law; their ambits, their scopes, and their end purposes.

  1. Year 1
    • Law of Tort
    • Criminal Law
    • Contract Law
    • Foundations and Independent Learning
    • Constitutional Law
    • Legal and Professional Ethics
  2. Year 2
    • Equity and Trusts
    • Justice, Human Rights and the State
    • Land Law
    • Law of the Single Market of the EU
    • International Trade Law
    • Clinical Legal Education
    • Criminal Litigation and Advocacy
    • Succession, Wills and Admin
    • Maritime Law
  3. Year 3
    • Commercial Law
    • Mediation Skills and Practice
    • Civil Dispute Resolution
    • Property Law and Practice
    • Jurisprudence
    • Company and Business Organisations Law
    • Employment Law
    • Evidence
    • Negotiation Skills and Practice
    • Dissertation (mandatory for all final year students)

Requirements for LLB Hons at BIC with LJMU

Here is a quick overview of the requirements for LLB Hons, sanctioned by LJMU at Beaconhouse International College.

  • A Levels with a minimum of 120 UCAS points.
  • Age over 17 by November 30 of the application year.
  • English language proficiency certificate, issued via the UK GCSE/GCE O levels, at least grade C should be achieved. Should that not be available, a proficiency test can be conducted.

It is important to note here that each application is considered on an individual basis by the admission committee of the Liverpool John Moores University.

Why BIC?

Pakistan, despite its pool of highly talented and studious individuals, unfortunately lacks the education standard that befits a fast-growing and progressing nation. However, not all educational institutes are made the same, and Beaconhouse International College is the proof of that. With international accreditations and degree programmes across a wide range of academic disciplines, BIC is your destination for the premium higher education experience, as we offer a multitude of degrees and accreditations from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. With Beaconhouse International College, a world of opportunity awaits you.