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Mechanical Engineering, great academics great prospects at BIC

Movement: it is what personifies human life. Every aspect of our life revolves around some form of motion. And the one academic field that truly understands and expounds on this principle of movement, so basic and evolutionary for humans, is mechanical engineering. Beyond automobiles, beyond gears, beyond machines, at its core, mechanical engineering uses motion to revolutionise human life. As we progress forward with an increased emphasis on STEM subjects, mechanical engineering continues to be at the forefront of human innovation, and this is exactly where the best international college in Pakistan, Beaconhouse International College, steps in: with its impressive Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering. For students looking to enter the hypercompetitive field of mechanical engineering and leave their indelible mark on the world, Beaconhouse International College offers one of the best engineering degree programme in Pakistan: the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)-affiliated Mechanical Engineering BS (Hons) programme to help you get apprised with the basics of what this field will demand from you in terms of academic fidelity.

Let's start by looking at an overview of the bachelor's in mechanical engineering being offered by Beaconhouse International College and understand what this programme entails, and how will it help you achieve the dream of making a positive change in this world.

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering from BIC

As the purveyor of quality education across the country, Beaconhouse International College, in keeping with its tradition, has partnered with LJMU to bring mechanical engineering greatness to Pakistan. With this engineering degree programme in Pakistan, students will be equipped with the requisite knowledge, aptitude and skillset for further advanced degrees and qualifications within the realm of mechanical engineering. Whether it's meaningful employment or academic fidelity that students are looking for, the BIC-LJMU BEng programme is designed to provide students with what they will require as the top stars of their field.

Our objectives for this engineering degree programme in Pakistan are skill- oriented, with coursework designed to develop transferable skills and professional traits required for advanced degrees. Furthermore, the programme also delves into the professional aspect of the field, with students being trained to hold responsible technical and managerial roles within industries associated with the ideals of mechanical engineering. With all of this, Beaconhouse International College also understands the importance of simple, good academics, which is why, core engineering knowledge and skills are an integral part of the degree, helping students prepare themselves for higher education within the field of mechanical engineering.

Coursework @ BIC: BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Letís delve a little more into the coursework that this engineering programme in Pakistan boasts, with accreditation from the prestigious LJMU in UK. Some of the highlights of this degree include,

i. Industrial Management

As a testament to Beaconhouse International College's insistence and persistence on providing employment-oriented knowledge and training, one of our proud offerings in the mechanical engineering degree in Pakistan is Industrial Management, aimed for students working towards a managerial role in a mechanical engineering-affiliated industry. Students will learn basic managerial principles as well as the unique flair that the mechanical industry brings to it.

ii. Engineering Mathematics

What would engineering be without mathematics? As a core part of the engineering discipline as a holistic entity and the basic building block for the understanding of engineering principles, this programme emphasizes heavily on the role that mathematics plays within the realm. This course will help students understand the otherwise difficult concept with much more ease.

iii. Applied Mechanics

Applied Mechanics refers to the branch of science that is concerned with the motion of a substance perceived by humans without any interference from instruments. As an integral part of the engineering coursework, this subject will help students grasp the basic tenets of what makes up mechanical engineering as a discipline, both professionally and academically.

iv. Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Always at the cutting edge of modernity, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics go beyond conventional understanding of fluid dynamics, since, as part of material sciences, they can help students towards their dream job as an innovator, bringing about revolutionary changes to everyday aspects that make life easier.

v. Mechanical Engineering Design

This course is taught from a design standpoint, and whether students are aiming for a career ahead as a literal rocket scientist or as an automobile engineer, this course will help impart the unspoken rule for mechanical engineering: design has to be perfect.

What BIC brings in terms of prospects for BEng graduates?

With any run-of-the-mill mechanical degree, finding gainful and meaningful employment can be challenging, since the field is saturated. With the LJMU- affiliated mechanical engineering degree from BIC, you can pave your path ahead with an emphasis on bringing newer concepts to reality and always staying at the cutting edge of innovation. Because with a Beaconhouse International College degree, the only limit is the sky, and the only limits are the ones you place on yourself.