2024-06-27 07:12:34

Professional Career after Electrical Engineering degree in Pakistan

The world of today is much more interconnected than ever before, and it is primarily due to another world that we have conquered for ourselves that energises us: the world of electricity and everything electrical. Yes, from mobile phones to our computers to the internet and the entire world around us that we depend on, electricity is the one thing that powers it all, and allows us to live a life of unmatched and unparalleled convenience, because now, what humans used to power with their bodies is now energized by electricity. At the helm of this revolution and guiding us through the uses and benefits of this power are electrical engineers, and whether its grand-scale projects like grids or electronics that run our world, we need electrical engineers now more than ever before.

In this blog post, we will first discuss the electrical and electronic engineering degree programme offered by the top college in Pakistan, Beaconhouse International College, and how, with the high-powered degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Beaconhouse International College, you can open a world of opportunities in the professional arena and shape the future of how humanity progresses ahead.

BEng (Hons) Electrical, Electronic Engineering from BIC: An overview

This electrical and electronic engineering programme by Beaconhouse International College is designed to provide students with a comprehensive skill set as well as the requisite knowledge to make it big in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering. The main goal of the programme, besides providing students with an excellent academic base, is primarily professional. You see, electrical and electronic engineering produces fine engineers who are then expected to provide their exemplary services to both the private and the public sector, and whether its designing chipsets and circuitry for smartphone manufacturers or planning out mega projects like grid advancements and expansions, all of it is handled by the most competent electrical and electronic engineers, the dearth of which in Pakistan is the main reason why Beaconhouse International College has partnered with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) to provide an exemplary academic programme around this discipline. The coursework, in accordance with the intention of training and equipping students with professional skills to be honed with further experience in the corporate world, reflects Beaconhouse International College's and LJMU's insistence on academic fidelity and in ensuring that students receive relevant and practical knowledge that helps them strengthen their base knowledge and skills required in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering. Here is a quick overview of the coursework for this engineering programme before we delve into the professional and career prospects of the degree programme.

Courses like Automation, Signal Processing, Industrial Management, Digital and Embedded Systems and Engineering Mathematics provide the highlight of the programme's coursework, allowing students an insight into how the professional aspect of this degree programme works out. It is then rounded off with courses like Electric Machines, Control System Design and Analysis, Electrical Engineering Practices, and lastly, Microprocessors and Software to give students a birds eye view of the industry and its requirements, and at the same time, train them with the requisite academic knowledge and the skillset imperative for a meaningful and successful career ahead.

The professional aspect: Career opportunities ahead

As is expected from such a demanding and equally rewarding field of electrical and electronic engineering, the career prospects are incredibly diverse and put aspirants in the driving seat of some of the most important, considerable and high- powered inititaives around the world. Whether students want a career in a private business entity or a public sector employment role that puts them in charge of many, the professional aspect of an electronic and electrical engineering degree programme from Beaconhouse International College readies students for it all. Here is a quick preview of what career pathways can students find themselves choosing from once they have concluded their studies.

i.Design Engineer:

From designing chipsets and logical circuit boards, the career growth and the potential for a meaningful career is endless with a design engineering pathway.

ii.Electrical Engineer:

Staying true to the nature of the engineering programme, electrical engineering mainly focusses on the application of electrical laws and principles on real world situations.

iii.Electronics Engineer:

Electronics is what the world runs on today, and if you want your grip to be on the heartbeat of the world, this is the career path to go with.

iv.Aerospace engineering:

The exciting and groundbreaking field of aerospace engineering is also available for graduates of Beaconhouse International College and LJMU's electrical and electronic engineering programme.

v.Automotive engineering:

The world today now emphasizes on electric and hybrid vehicles, and automotive giants like Tesla, Rivian, Lucid and other conventional carmakers are going all-in on their electrification strategy. Lucrative indeed!

Beaconhouse International College: Getting you ready for the future!

Our status as the top international college in Pakistan is exemplified by our exceptional academic partners like Pearson, NCUK, LJMU and UoL. By leveraging the excellence and prestige of these institutions, students will be equipped with the academic and professional skillset that will allow them to take the world by storm, by applying their honed skills and excellent academic abilities to become the trailblazer of whatever career path they intend to pursue. Whether its electrical and electronic engineering or any other field, Beaconhouse International College enables you to stare into the future, confident of your place and the role you will be taking up.