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Psychology at BIC the amazing career prospects with a BSc

One of the great things about Beaconhouse International College is the fact that it has a wide range, a bevy of programmes affiliated with the best institutions and universities across the world. From engineering programmes to social sciences, Beaconhouse International College offers programmes that are fine-tuned to provide the maximum utility, whether students want to pursue further higher education abroad or want to pursue a meaningful career in their discipline of choice. In this blog post, we'll discuss one such programme and the amazing career prospects that it affords students: BSc Psychology from Beaconhouse International College and all that students can get from it. Starting with the affiliation, let us take you through the particulars of the programme and then the career prospects; while Psychology has been thought of as a restrictive discipline which does not have that much career applications and prospects, with a BSc in Psychology from Beaconhouse International College, it will be anything but limiting and restrictive. Lets start with a quick overview of what the programme is all about and what it entails for students looking to enter the insightful world of psychology.

BSc Psychology @ BIC: what the programme is all about

The BSc Psychology is a three-year programme designed to impart both academic and professional skillset within students. The coursework, as such, is reflective of the priority of the programme, and takes into account the many requirements the discipline has as well as the many requisites a career in psychology demands, be it in the private sector or the public sector. Starting with the first year, where students will be introduced to more basic topics relating to the world and field of psychology, including Application of Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Biological Psychology and Social Psychology. Finishing off the first year will be with the amazing subject of 'Learning, Personality and Intelligence', which is sure to attract students with its in-depth study of the confluence points between learning, personality and intelligence. The second year of the programme will be much more specialized, with students delving deeper into research, design and statistics related to the academics of psychology. The second year will continue with the core tenets of the subject, and students will be further able to understand complex ideas like Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology and the Philosophy of Psychology. Two more interesting subjects will round up the second year of studies: Understanding Individual Differences and Health, Addiction and Well-being. For the third year of the programme, students will study the following courses: Gender and Mental Health, Mental Health around the World, Current Issues in Neuroscience, Occupational Psychology and Forensic Psychology.

Kings College London, IoPPN and BIC

Beaconhouse International College has partnered with the prestigious Kings College London (KCL) to provide quality education and excellence in the field of psychology for students looking to further hone their skills in this amazing field of study. Complementing KCL's academic fidelity is the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN), with its emphasis on academic, research and training facets of the diverse field of psychology. These two affiliations are what make the BSc Psychology programme at Beaconhouse International College such a compelling idea for hopeful students to break into: whether they are looking for further education within the field or for meaningful career prospects ahead, the psychology degree from the top international college in Pakistan is sure to aid students in realizing their dreams.

Career prospects of the BSc Psychology from BIC

With a BSc in Psychology from BIC, affiliated by Kings College London and the IoPPN, the career prospects for students are plentiful and can become the pathway to them finding their dream job or meaningful employment, be it in the private sector or the public sector. The primary application of such a degree is not just limited to academia or research, but also includes exciting and meaningful applications; besides psychiatry and medical psychology, corporations and governments worldwide routinely require the services of qualified and excellent psychologists to serve in a monitoring role for new hires and personnel to be inducted into service, helping the corporation or public entity gauge the resource a lot better. One of the more exciting career prospects of psychology students is in the same role but for the more defence-oriented public entities, which require the skills and academic knowledge of psychologists to help them through a bevy of situations. Whatever the goal may be, understand that the best one can get is with good education, and it doesn't get any better than a BSc Psychology from Beaconhouse International College.

BIC makes all the difference in the world!

With Beaconhouse International College, experience the difference and the excellence in education. In accordance with the academic guidelines laid down by the best universities in the UK, Beaconhouse International College aims to bring the quality education in the UK and merge it with its own pedigree and heritage of providing exceptional academic opportunities to students in Pakistan. The best international college in Pakistan is here to make all the difference in the world.