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Study Business at the NCUK and prepare for greatness

In today's world, nothing is more important than being skilled at something, whether it is computer skills, administrative skills, or business skills. Pair this up with a good education, preferably from a reputable institution and suddenly you've got a winning combination that guarantees your success and takes you far. At Beaconhouse International College, we specialize in the winning combination: one that equips students with both academic principles and professional experiences to allow them to launch themselves for a great and purposeful career ahead. Let's look at what the NCUK IFY Business programme has in store for you with the best international college in Pakistan.

The NCUK Business Programme: Overview

The NCUK Business program is an integral part of the International Foundation Year (IFY) qualification, designed to prepare students for their undergraduate degrees. Serving as a bridge from local education to university-level academics, this program focuses on English language proficiency and fundamental business knowledge.

Coursework @ NCUK IFY Business Programme

Part 1: English Language Development

  • English for Academic Purposes for non-native speakers: Designed for basic proficiency improvement.
  • English for Academic Purposes for Proficient Users: Tailored for advanced proficiency enhancement.
  • Research and Communication Skills: Focuses on advanced language skills for academic and professional contexts.

Part 2: Business-Oriented Courses

  1. Mathematics for Business: Ideal for students interested in the quantitative aspects of business, covering budgeting, spreadsheet analysis, and business management fundamentals.
  2. Business Studies: Geared towards students interested in business administration, covering topics such as business planning and management intricacies.
  3. Economics: Offers a comprehensive understanding of the macroeconomic landscape and its implications on business operations, providing valuable insights for future business leaders.

Beaconhouse International College: Your Gateway to Success

At BIC, we offer a platform for students to excel academically and pursue their desired fields of study at top universities worldwide, following NCUK-approved study plans. Whether it's business, engineering, or arts, BIC empowers students with the necessary skills for a rewarding career. Discover more at BIC website.