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The difference between an HND and a Degree

Pakistan and its educational system offer a wide range of pathways for students once beyond the 12th grade. Many students prefer a conventional degree, such as a Bachelors, earned from a university, and while it is conventional and follows a set pathway towards both academic and professional excellence, many other academic streams exist that offer their own set of benefits and advantages. One such stream is an HND or Higher National Diploma, offered by Beaconhouse International College (BIC) in partnership with Pearson, its global education partner. In this blog post, we'll exemplify the differences between both these streams, and explain the difference between an HND and a degree. As one of Pakistan's leading international colleges, Beaconhouse International College has been at the forefront of introducing international education to Pakistan, allowing students to tap into a network of British universities, consortiums and educational testing services par excellence. Whether you want your academic career to be highlighted with excellent varsities and educational experiences or are looking for a launchpad that catalyses your foray into a particular professional field, Beaconhouse International College is your gateway for an academic experience unlike anything ever.

Let's look at what are the differences between an HND and a degree.

HND vs Degree: The differences

Lets start by looking at each one of these pathways individually to better understand the differences between the two, and what these two distinct pathways offer to students looking to advance their academic standing as well as catalyse their career prospects.

HND: The Higher National Diploma:

The Higher National Diploma is a qualification offered by the prestigious Pearson testing and awarding body of the UK. The HND falls within the context of the BTEC diploma that the authority offers in Pakistan, through Beaconhouse International College, in two specific fields: Business Management and Arts and Design. The diploma programme in Pakistan offers a student-centric approach in offering the curriculum, which is designed as a flexible and unit-based structure. Helping students develop their practical, interpersonal and critical thinking skills, the HND is a programme developed with the sole focus on helping students succeed in both professional endeavours as well as further academic strides. For both HNDs offered by Beaconhouse International College, the qualification focusses on providing exceptional academic fidelity as well as providing hands-on practical experience in dealing with the professional aspect of the subject matter: for example, for the HND in Business aimed at Management, students are expected to undertake business meetings and accompany professionals to client meetings and discussions. For the Arts and Design HND aimed at the textile industry, students are encouraged to hold mock exhibitions displaying their designs and ideas to allow for the growth of this creative flair, and giving them insights into how the cutthroat industry of fashion and design works. All in all, the HND is a great way for students to get introduced to the world of higher education that factors in professional training as well.


A degree, like a Bachelors, is the most common academic pathway that students in Pakistan take. It allows for a seamless transition from college-level education in Pakistan to the higher levels, varsity level, and further prepares students for master's level education, and subsequently, to the highest level of doctorate. A bachelor's degree is also the first step in gaining meaningful employment. Many corporations and public sector entities prefer individuals with a bachelor's degree in the relevant field, as a bachelor's is seen as being compatible with the knowledge and skills required in the professional field. Being the pinnacle of excellent education in Pakistan, Beaconhouse International College offers a wide variety of bachelor's degree programmes in Pakistan affiliated with some of the best universities in the UK, including Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), University of London (UoL) and the NCUK, which is an academic consortium made up of the most reputed academic institutions in the world. From Computer Sciences to International Relations to Business Management and Administration, Beaconhouse International College offers a wide range and variety of degree programmes in Pakistan to help students make use of an exceptional academic exposure to help jumpstart their careers and ready them for a life of academic excellence ahead.

Which pathway is the most suitable for you?

Whether you are a student of Business Management looking for further education, or an aspirant looking to join the big leagues, both pathways offer their own set of benefits and advantages. The difference arises in your previous academic pathway that you have followed, as well as your future plans regarding your academic or professional career. An HND is more suited for a career and professional training, whereas a conventional degree like a bachelors degree will allow you greater flexibility in choosing the path ahead.

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