2024-03-29 05:35:29

Why an international degree from BIC can be a launchpad for your career?

Pakistan has a severe dearth of quality education at all levels. While many private institutions do exist that bridge the gap between exceptional schooling and academic prowess and mediocrity, it still isn't enough to offset a huge population and a burgeoning middle class that puts itself through the academic process, all for the sake of a better career in the future. Which is why the general consensus stays the same for Pakistan: for an education that essentially jumpstarts your career, a foreign university is a necessity. Now, the issue of traveling and the multitude of challenges associated with a foreign education can be waved goodbye; with an internationally accredited degree from some of the best and highly-ranked universities across the world, Beaconhouse International College (BIC) now brings world-class education right in the heart of Pakistan.

In conjunction with universities like King's College London, Liverpool John Moores University, and Goldsmiths University, BIC has launched a wide range of international degree programmes in Pakistan, aimed at bringing the best of what modern Western education has to offer to the top college in Pakistan. Students will not just be able to go through the paces of academic coursework designed in conjunction with these universities, but will also be able to transfer to said university after a certain time has elapsed during their programme. This gives them both the academic qualifications and the personal growth that is characteristic of a foreign university to excel at their corporate careers ahead.

In this blog, we'll look at why an international degree programme from BIC will help you fast-track your academic path towards a professional career that exemplifies greatness.

International degree programmes from BIC: the many benefits

Whether it's Computer Sciences from Goldsmiths University, or a BSc in Psychology from the King's College London, these educational programmes are designed with one thing in mind: to give students an exposure to higher education level of learning from some of the best universities abroad. This, combined with the academic expertise and brevity that the Beaconhouse Group is famous for, makes for an educational experience unlike anything ever before.

These programmes will take students through academic coursework designed by universities in the United Kingdom, giving them an entirely new perspective on their subject matter before accessing the higher levels of learning after entering the varsity of their choice. This goes beyond a simple preparatory course; this accelerates the understanding of the students for their subject and puts them at a considerable advantage over their peers in understanding the basics of each subject. This, subsequently, will help them ace their university-level studies, and with that, they can aim for the best institutions in the world to pursue a professional career in.

What degree programmes does Beaconhouse International College offer in conjunction with its partners? Let's take a quick look at these.

The many international degree programmes at BIC

Starting with engineering degrees that seem to be a favourite for Pakistani students, Beaconhouse International College offers Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical, Electronic, and Mechanical Engineering. These programmes are designed to give students a head start in preparation for their university-level education in these fields, allowing them to scale their academics quickly once at that level. In the same vein, BIC also offers a Bachelor of Science (BS Hons) in Software Engineering, capitalizing on our world's newfound love for coding and software to help students plan their exemplary career ahead.

In the field of arts and humanities, BIC has taken the step to introduce revolutionary disciplines like BA Hons in International Relations and Politics, one of the cornerstones of social sciences as a discipline and as a solid foundation for a career in government or public service ahead. Students can choose to further double down on this path with an MA in International Relations, which will put them on an accelerated track for their career development in a distinguished field such as foreign policy, international relations bodies, and other policy institutes.

BIC also offers accredited degree programmes in Business studies, with one of the core programmes being the BSc Hons in Business Administration, and a Higher National Diploma in Business, which also allows students to essentially fast-track their academic courses and set themselves up for an excellent and prosperous future in business; whether it's their own startup or as a high-powered professional within a corporation.

Beaconhouse International College: elevate your future!

For the best international degree programmes in Pakistan, your destination is now clearer than ever! Beaconhouse International College gives you access to world-class learning and the ability to transfer to some of the best international universities in the world to broaden your knowledge base and your horizons in preparation for an exemplary career ahead. Whether it's engineering, business, or arts, BIC has it all! Visit us at bic.edu.pk to learn more about our international degree programmes.