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Scholarship Programme

Empowering dreams through education: Explore our Scholarship Programme, opening doors to a brighter future for students.

To empower campuses to track their revenue status versus the scholarship allocation, Campuses have to use the BIC Scholarship Calculator in BEAMS to monitor their admission target achievement vs. scholarship allocation in real-time.

BIC scholarships are divided into the following categories:

  • Merit-Based Scholarship
  • Co-curricular Scholarship
  • Financial Aid
  • Early Bird Discount
  • Group Discount
  • Employee Discount
  • Sibling Discount

Eligibility Criteria for Merit-based Scholarship
  • Eligibility for merit scholarships is based on results achieved in the CAIE A Level/IBDP Examination, O level/IGCSE, SSC, HSSC
Fee Waiver A’ Level IBDP O’ Level SSC and HSSC
80% Tuition fee waiver 4 A grades Minimum 40 points 8 A grades Board Position (Top 3)
65 % Tuition fee waiver 3 A grades 38-39 points 7 A Grades >95% marks
35% Tuition fee waiver 2 A grades (Excluding Urdu A) 36-37 points (Excluding Urdu A) 6 A Grades >85% and < 95%

Eligibility Criteria for Merit-based Scholarship

Co-curricular activities include the following:
  • Debates
  • Visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography)
  • Performing arts (music, drama, and dance)
Category A-1 Category B-1
A-1: 75% tuition fee waiver

Achievement of any top three positions in a renowned International Competition through reputable authorities/associations
B-1: 50% tuition fee waiver

Achievement of any top three positions at the National level in a renowned competition through reputable authorities/associations

  • A student will be eligible for a sports scholarship if any of the criteria is met for each category
Category A-1 Category B-1
A-1: 75% tuition fee waiver

Represented Pakistan in an International Competition through competent authorities or federation in a renowned (Olympic) sport (Individual and Team sports)
B-1: 50% tuition fee waiver

Participated at the National level through competent authorities or associations in a renowned (Olympic) sport (Individual and Team sports)
B-2: Represents Pakistan in an International

Competition through competent authorities or federation in a Non-Olympic sport (both Individual and Team sports)

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Aid
  • Financial Assistance Scholarship shall mainly focus on supporting students from low-income backgrounds
  • Students of all programees are eligible for Financial Aid subject to the condition he/she finds financial constraints to cope with educational expenses
  • Financial aid will be awarded based on information provided in the application form for financial aid or any further information e.g. Income Proof, Bank Statements, and/or utility bills

Eligibility Criteria for Early Bird Discount

Explore cost-effective education options at Beaconhouse International College with our Early Bird Discount. Enrol in your desired degree programme ahead of schedule and enjoy reduced tuition fees as part of our commitment to making education accessible.

Eligibility Criteria for Group Discount
  • A minimum group of 03 students will be allowed a group discount of 15% on tuition fees each

Eligibility Criteria for Employee Discount
  • A regular employee of the Beaconhouse Group of Companies will be eligible for the employee discount after confirmation of employment
  • 100% Admission and Security Fees, and a 15% discount on tuition fee will be offered to the Beaconhouse Group Employees

Eligibility Criteria for Sibling Discount
  • Siblings studying in BIC campuses are eligible for a 15% sibling discount on tuition fee

Scholarship Award Committee
Rector/Vice Rector Rector/Vice Rector
Head of Finance
Head of Admission
Exception to the Policy Chief Executive Officer

The Admission Office will forward the submitted scholarship forms to the Scholarship Award Committee. The Committee, after having interviews with the candidates will recommend the names of the deserving candidates to the Country Head for his/her approval and award of the scholarship.


Allocation versus utilization of all scholarship categories can be seen on the BIC scholarship calculator on beams and will be reported on a monthly basis

Change in Policy

The policy document is subject to changes/amendments from time to time depending upon the future requirements and status of funds available for the grant of scholarship.